Board of Directors

The Chesapeake Health Education Program (CHEP) Board of Directors represents a range of community supporters and governs our non-profit corporation. All members share resources and are committed to achieving the goals established in the original corporate charter. In addition to the Board of Directors, CHEP employs a Chief Executive Officer who provides oversight and long range planning as well as manages the day-to-day activities of the corporation.

The current members of the Board are:

MemberPositionOrganization Represented
SueNiewenhousPresidentCommunity Representative
RodKornrumphSecretary and TreasurerUniversity of Maryland Upper Chesapeake Health/Union Hospital of Cecil County
CharlesComatyAt Large MemberCommunity Representative
BarbaraFinchAt Large MemberCommunity Representative
DawnMetzAt Large MemberTapSnap1020
ElaineMillardAt Large MemberCommunity Representative
LisaHersheyAdvisorHershey Accounting and Tax Partners, LLC