CHEP Staff Members

Cathy Bennett, BSN, MS
Chief Executive Officer – cbennett [at] chepinc [dot] org

 Perry Point Transitional Housing Program

Jennifer Travers, MSW
Transitional Housing Manager – jtravers [at] chepinc [dot] org

Nicole Jones, MSW, LGSW
Transitional Housing Assistant Manager – njones [at] chepinc [dot] org

Jocelyn Teeter
Transitional Housing Case Manager – jteeter [at] chepinc [dot] org

Washington, DC Transitional Housing Program

Michael Strong
Transitional Housing Manager – mstrong [at] chepinc [dot] org

David Frye
Resident Manager – dfrye [at] chepinc [dot] org

Charleston, SC Transitional Housing Program

Melissa Kelly
Transitional Housing Manager – mkelly [at] chepinc [dot] org

Michael A. Coker, AAS
Resident Manager/Certified Peer Support Specialist – mcoker [at] chepinc [dot] org

Laura Riley BS, MS
Transitional Housing Case Manager – lriley [at] chepinc [dot] org

Joe Towles
Transitional Housing Case Manager – jtowles [at] chepinc [dot] org

Rita Pasley
Transitional Housing Case Manager – rpasley [at] chepinc [dot] org

Education and Event Services

Carly Spiewak, CMP
Education and Training Manager – cspiewak [at] chepinc [dot] org

Annie Caporellie
Local Program Manager – acaporellie [at] chepinc [dot] org

CHEP Administration

Jane Garrett
Finance Manager – jgarrett [at] chepinc [dot] org

Lisa Hayward
Human Resource Associate– lhayward [at] chepinc [dot] org

Carissa Merritt
Development and Special Events Coordinator – cmerritt [at] chepinc [dot] org