Housewarming Baskets for Local Veterans

Do you remember moving into your first apartment? Finding an affordable place and convincing friends to help you move, at the same time making sure you have all the household essentials? You had a lot to take care of and maybe had limited funds to do so. You can imagine the joy you would have felt to be gifted a basket full of the essential items to get comfortable in your new place. You can provide that joy to a veteran successfully moving out of the CHEP transitional housing into their own independent community living.

In 2018, CHEP started the Housewarming Baskets initiative for the local veterans in need moving out of the CHEP Housing Program and up to independent community living. These Housewarming Baskets including, dishes and utensils, cooking utensils, cookware, cleaning supplies, bathroom accessories, are warming the hearts and homes of local veterans.

Warm a Home


Warm a Heart