Housing For Homeless Veterans

Our Commitment

CHEP has a longstanding mission to serve and strengthen communities by giving hope and help to American Veterans in need. This is accomplished by providing housing and support services to homeless Veterans.

From the point of entry in our housing programs, to the day of program exit, our housing programs focus on priming each Veteran for success. The program staff works with each Veteran individually to create realistic goals and a strategy specific to their hopes and needs.  The ultimate goal is for the veterans to find independent, sustainable living in a community. Over the years our efforts have helped to empower thousands of veterans to regain control of their lives.

Our motivation is simple: Veterans should never experience the indignity of not having a safe place to call home.”

CHEP provides 71 beds to homeless veterans in three (3) locations along the east coast.
The sites include the following:

City & StateProgram NameVeterans Served
Mid Atlantic Sites
Perry Point, MarylandVeterans Independent Project29
Washington, DCDC Vets7
Southern Site
North Charleston, South CarolinaCharleston VETS35

Looking for more information about CHEP Veteran housing?

Call us at 410-642-1857 or email [email protected].